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Books from author and investor James Ellman


James Ellman is an investor and author who lives on the windward coast of Oahu with his wife and sons.


His newest book, MacArthur Reconsidered: General Douglas MacArthur as a Wartime Commander, was released by Rowman & Littlefield's Stackpole imprint on July 1st, 2023. 


Of the new book, Thomas E. Ricks' wrote in The New York Times: "Reviewing MacArthur's performances in World War II and the Korean War, he [Ellman] concludes that the general was a mediocre commander who lacked interest in details, packed his staff with incompetent bootlickers and often lied in trying to justify his actions. And, of course, he was quite insubordinate, with an alarming tendency to ignore orders and contradict stated policies."


Reviewing the book in World War II Magazine, John McManus recently pronounced MacArthur Reconsidered to be, "a well-written, informed, lucidly argued critique of MacArthur's career as a battlefield commander" 


Library Journal's concluded , "This well-researched, well-written military history title will draw general readers, especially ones interested in the history of World War II and the Korean War. It will also benefit historians looking for a different interpretation of MacArthur's role in those conflicts."